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A new energy paradigm is gaining traction due to deployment of ICT technologies that drive the fourth industrial revolution in the energy domain and growing pervasiveness of digitalization across the energy sector. To ride on this trend that offers new business opportunities, which often involve a converged ecosystem, energy businesses must embrace advanced ICT technologies and solutions for digital reforming.

NTELS provides energy infrastructure technologies to effectively manage renewable and distributed energy resources for balanced energy consumption and to analyze energy data for stable energy supply. With our solutions adaptable to new energy business models, we can help gear towards the concept so called Energy 4.0, which is the digitalization in the energy industry towards smart energy generation and consumption.

Energy Performance Management

Achieving energy performance goals becomes much easier with our solution. Set energy goals, optimize utility and facility operations based on energy demand forecasts and get real results.

BSS Right for the Energy Industry

Leveraging years of experience in billing and customer care in the telecom industry, our Power BSS has applied that to the energy industry to support its unique challenges.

Energy Data Analysis

We provide energy analysis models and tools for demand-response (DR), demand forecasts, peak demand forecasts and control of the balance between comfort and energy efficiency.

With our Energy Data Algorithm, EMS, Power BSS and IoT Platform, you can create and deliver new services for energy management and transaction.
Energy Management Service

Employ ideal algorithms to predict energy demand and optimize facility operations according to facility size and type.
This helps improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and ultimately achieve energy performance goals.

Energy Transaction Service

To maintain the balance between energy supply and demand, energy pricing plans are playing a greater role in the utility market. Create pricing plans that make energy saving worth the effort and manage customers and contacts accordingly.

Open Standard-based Electric Vehicle Charging Platform for KEPRI

The transportation sector is a major emitter of greenhouse gases and in 2013 accounted for about 23 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions. As a means of alleviating air pollution and building a clean transportation network, using electric vehicles (EV) has been widely proposed. And a growing number of countries are rolling out plans to dramatically accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and stepping up their policy initiatives to support EV adoption.

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