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As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, changes and innovations in manufacturing are becoming faster to create an advanced ecosystem for productivity and quality improvement and cost savings. Driven by such innovations, the manufacturing industry goes through digital transformation with ICT technologies. This paradigm shift forces manufacturers to rethink and redesign their businesses in order to remain competitive.
NTELS can help manufacturers respond to such challenges and disruptions caused by the paradigm shift in manufacturing and deliver cutting-edge customer experiences. With industrial Internet technologies, we provide smart manufacturing solutions for industrial safety management, facility & equipment management as well as energy management.

Personnel & Asset Safety Control

Tagging and tracking improves safety. Intelligent real-time monitoring of the location and status of personnel and assets ensures the capability to respond to emergencies and disasters effectively.

Optimized Factory Operations

Data analytics enables manufacturers to optimize factory operations by predictive analysis to minimize downtime, energy consumption monitoring to improve energy efficiency and device lifecycle management to reduce costs.

Energy Data Analysis

Various energy analysis models are provided to control energy consumption and improve the balance between comfort and energy efficiency of factories and buildings.

Industrial Safety Management Service

Monitor the location of personnel and assets in real time in indoor or outdoor industrial facilities and track their movement to ensure their safety and minimize casualties and property damages.

Facilities & Equipment Management Service

Leverage ICT-enabled predictive analysis, device lifecycle management, energy consumption monitoring and device error notification to improve the efficiency of facilities and equipment and optimize operations.

Energy Management Service

Control energy consumption and achieve energy performance goals using ICT to make manufacturing sites to be pleasant and energy-efficient in operations and maintenance.

SK hynix Smart Tag Service

We implemented an IoT-based industrial safety system that enables quick response to emergency to increase personnel and asset safety.

Open M2M Platform (OMP)

We implemented an open M2M platform including the Web-based M2M portal for system management and service operations. For operators, they can add/modify/delete customers through service management. For service providers, they can test their services before rollout by having the platform communicate with devices and the control center.

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