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Business Support System

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NTELS Business Support System is in a position to enable you to leverage the optimal business benefit. Our solution help you respond fast to market changes, bring new complex service offerings to market, gain actionable insight on big data, and reduce operating costs.
Across industries from telecommunications and IoT to power, it provides commonly required business elements, including customer relationship management and billing, and revenue and partner management.
Business Support System
Guaranteed Data Integrity
Improved operational efficiency and revenue leakage prevention by minimizing errors in billing data through proactive error detection and correction.
Integrated, Convergent Service Offerings
From communication services to enterprise business infrastructure, our solution can help to develop a variety of business models that can be turned into opportunities for commercial success.
Fast Response to Market Changes
Highly scalable and tightly integrated with legacy systems in order to quickly respond to market changes and introduce new services that meet customers’ needs.
Customizable to Business Needs
Our solution can be highly customizable to your unique business needs, enabling them to effectively manage customers and create pricing plans and monetize new business models.

Key Functions


  • Charge calculation, payment and accounts receivable management
  • Bill payment by interfacing with financial agencies’ system
  • Hot billing and simulation of pricing plans

Contract Management

  • Order and activation message transmission using protocols (TCP/IP, SOAP)
  • Order management, including prevention order message loss, order data validation and generation of statistics

Customer Management

  • Individual & corporate customer profile and payment account management
  • Rule-based order and contract management
  • Customer inquiry transfer, assignment and processing

Product Management

  • Configuration of pricing criteria and relationship of pricing plans
  • Development, approval and operation of pricing plans
  • Promotional event and service rate management

Partner Management

  • Partner and contract information management
  • Settlement item management and service & partner settlement monitoring

Supply Chain Management

  • Settlement with manufacturers
  • Management of manufacturers, their products and logistics (including ordering, shipping, delivery, receipt and issue)

MVNO System

We provided an integrated BSS package for product & customer management, charging and billing to meet the needs of a specific MVNO. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is also included for settlement between operators/distributors and sales network management..

HATA Settlement System

For Hyundai Autoever Telematics America (HATA), we implemented a settlement system based on our Partner Relationship Management (PRM). The system allows HATA to verify settlement data with Verizon (MNO) for HATA’s telematics service that uses Verizon’s mobile network.

Integrated Settlement System

We implemented an integrated settlement system for various settlement operations with business partners, including…


For SK Telecom’s Urban Utility Center (UCC), we implemented an integrated urban energy system that allows city residents to regularly and easily track how much electricity, gas, and water they use in real time, so they can actively participate in energy saving.

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