Energy efficiency management solution with data analytics tools

Energy Management

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NTELS Energy Management System is a lot more than simple energy monitoring solution. With comprehensive forecasts of energy demand and supply, it takes energy management to a whole new level by enabling factory, building and smart grid operators to determine the strategic direction of energy management and achieve energy performance goals.
Energy Management
Goal-Driven Energy Management
Energy performance management follows the process of planning goals (Plan), forecasting demand (Check), operating based on forecasts (Act) and monitoring results (Re-check).
Demand Forecasts & Optimal Operations
Energy demand is forecasted using data analytics to operate facilities and equipment at an optimal level, which helps substantially reduce energy consumption.
Easy Deployment & Expansion
Standard protocols are provided, which can be used for building and factory automation. They are applicable to various environments, which makes it easy to expand the system.

Key Functions

Integrated Monitoring

  • Energy consumption monitoring by type of building, end-use and space
  • Integrated monitoring of distributed power generation

Data Analysis

  • Analysis of increase (decrease) in energy consumption and facility energy efficiency
  • Energy demand forecasts based on weather data

Operations & Control

  • Demand-response (DR) based on demand forecasts
  • Energy performance measurement and verification (M&V)
  • AI-based facility operation and control

ESS Charge/Discharge Management

  • Monitoring of battery charge/discharge in Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • Power conversion status monitoring
  • Efficient control of ESS
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