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A 5G network is expected to incorporate a significantly large amount of mobile data traffic and massive number of wireless connections and offer innovative converged services via a cloud-based platform in different vertical sectors.
To effectively deploy 5G services with the support of ultra-high capacity and low-latency next generation networks, it is essential for network operators to have a flexible software platform, implement dynamic resource management according to business policy and traffic and introduce cloud-based virtualization by separating the forwarding and control planes.
NTELS provides agile smart network solutions from operations support systems to network optimization and virtualization management solutions that help you reconfigure the network to accommodate new service requirements and offer 5G services.

Compliant to International Standards

By complying with 3GPP standards and providing open RESTful APIs, our solutions make it possible to implement charging and QoS policy and interface easily with other network elements.

Enhanced Network Performance

To keep up with the rapid increase in data communications, our solutions empower you to optimize your network environment through real-time traffic analysis and flexible QoS policy implementation.

Faster Response to Market Changes

In the fast-changing ICT environment, our solutions respond quickly and seamlessly to various, complex market trends in order to reduce time to market for our customers.

5G / LTE

To deploy new 5G services in vertical sectors, newly developed and existing technologies are converged in a way to meet the requirements of 5G networks. Our solution enables you to leverage network resources and capabilities efficiently so that you can respond to needs for diversified 5G services flexibly.

Virtualization / Cloud

A virtual network is software-based instead of hardware-centric, delivering flexibility of configuration and management. Our solution provides an intelligent management infrastructure for virtual networks, which is critical to effectively capturing the benefits of network virtualization.

Operations Support (OSS)

As networks converge and business relationships change, there is more emphasis on OSS than ever before. Our OSS provides essential business functions and applications such as operations support and charging so that you can benefit from, and keep up with, the pace of innovation ushered in by 5G and virtualization.

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