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Smart Building

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NTELS Smart Building is an integrated building management solution that facilitates advanced automation and optimizes building operations and maintenance by integrating individual building systems.
With the solution, it is possible for a city to have a complete overview of the energy consumption of all the buildings in the entire city. The solution provides urban building energy demand forecasts by interfacing with a power company’s systems, which helps cities improve quality of power supply and achieve energy performance goals.
Smart Building
Improved Building Efficiency with AI
Using AI technology to forecast the energy consumption of buildings and detect issues in building systems and facilities, and ultimately optimize building operations.
Energy Performance (M&V)
Using an algorithm called IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) to objectively measure energy performance of buildings.
Interoperability with Legacy Systems
Interoperable with legacy building automation systems (BAS) and highly scalable for fast deployment.
City Energy Management
Power supply management based on building energy demand forecasts, which helps cities achieve their energy performance goals.

Key Functions

2D/3D Energy Map

  • Visualization of a building’s energy consumption and location based on GIS data
  • Visualization of energy consumption of specific areas within a building using 3D modeling

Energy Forecasts and Control

  • Energy demand forecasts and facility failure prediction with data processing and deep learning technologies
  • Control and monitoring of energy systems, such as ESS battery, based on peak power demand
  • Internal environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) monitoring using sensors and automatic HVAC control with AI

Support for Legacy BAS Protocols

  • Support for IoT protocols, such as MQTT and REST as well as legacy BAS (Building Automation System) protocols, such as BACnet and Modbus

User Service Portal

  • Mobile portal for building tenants to control and monitor the internal environment, including temperature, humidity, CO2 level and lighting
  • Web/mobile portal for building owners and city officials to control and monitor the internal environment and energy consumption of buildings

IoT Smart Building Platform for Suwon City

For enterprises and local municipalities, we have provided an IoT-enabled smart building energy management platform, which can be deployed in buildings with and without building automation systems (BAS).

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