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Virtualization optimization solutions to efficiently and quickly deploy diverse services in a virtualized environment

ETSI NFV Standard Compliance

Support for the interfaces specified in the latest ETSI NFV specification, which makes it appropriate in a virtualized environment.

Cost Savings with Open Source

Savings in deployment and operational costs with open source available.

Flexible Monitoring

Monitoring of traffic between VMs, VNF performance and NFV infrastructure for virtualization management.

Integrated operations solution for standardized management in NFV cloud environment
NTELS simpleMANO provides MANO (Management and Orchestration) function, a key element of the NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) architecture defined by the ETSI NFV, as well as standard interfaces. The solution enables tight control and monitoring of VNF (Virtualized Network Functions) with VNF-Agent, quick installation and expansion with Python-based applications, and deployment of various additional services with open source. With our solution, operators can quickly and cost-effectively implement and operate NFV infrastructure and NFV cloud environment that provides seamless, highly available, scalable, and easily operable VNF services.
Software Defined Network Virtualization
Software-based virtual network monitoring solution
NTELS Software-Defined Network Visualization is a software-based solution to visualize the network traffic in a virtual environment. The solution monitors traffic between virtual machines (VMs) of a host in a virtual environment using virtual taps. It is possible to configure only the functions that an operator wants to use or functions for a specific service. Unlike a hardware-based monitoring system that requires additional purchase to add functions, the modular, software-based solution allows operators to utilize and pay for only the functions they need.
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