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A United Nations report estimates that by the year 2050 global population will increase to nine billion and more than six billion people will live in cities – almost double today’s total of 3.5 billion. Rapid population growth in cities around the world is inevitably accompanied by shortage of urban infrastructure and increase in traffic, public safety and environmental issues. To address these problems and improve citizen’s quality of life, cities need smart technologies that can make them a properly connected safe city.

NTELS can connect urban infrastructures using our platform, collect and analyze data in real time by adopting the Internet of Everything (IoE) that makes things smarter and people more capable, and provide context-aware personalized smart services. Our technologies enable cities to bring about greater safety and convenience as well as promote their economic growth. Creation of a smart city can be accomplished in a realistic time frame with our solutions and services.

Safety and Disaster Management

Connecting urban infrastructure (transport, energy, telecommunications, etc.) with an integral vision makes cities safer. Our solution collects data from CCTVs and sensors installed in city infrastructure and detects emergencies so that cities can respond more quickly to them and minimize damage and the number of victims.

Optimized Urban Environment

A right solution is needed to efficiently address environmental pollution as one of the biggest urban problems. Cities can become cleaner, more pleasant places to live with our solution that detects events occurring in urban areas, collects and monitors data in real time, and suggests proactive measures.

Improved Sustainability

Highly optimized energy production, distribution, and consumption can accelerate a reduction of coal-fired and nuclear power plants. Our urban infrastructure system helps cities facilitate renewable energy services. Cities can benefit local renewable energy businesses by creating jobs and increasing their resiliency.
Urban Energy Control Service

Optimize building operations and reduce energy and operation costs by leveraging real-time monitoring and big data analytics.
In addition, homes, offices, and other buildings can become more energy-efficient by being connected to the smart grid that provides energy on demand.

Environmental and Road Safety Service

Monitor air pollution levels using data collected from city structures, such as streetlights and traffic lights and predict air pollution pattern using algorithms.
High-risk roads in terms of traffic accidents can be identified by analyzing traffic accident data and weather condition.

Public Safety Service

With data collected from surveillance IP cameras, motion sensors and speakers, anticipate and respond rapidly to emergencies and threats to secure public safety.
In case of a fire, alarms are sent to owners of vehicles parked on the streets near the fire to make way for fire engines in advance.

IoT Smart Building Platform for Suwon City

For enterprises and local municipalities, we have provided an IoT-enabled smart building energy management platform, which can be deployed in buildings with and without building automation systems (BAS).

“T view sense” Home Surveillance

Based on our IoT platform, we have been providing IP camera-based CCTV services for home surveillance, which have became an increasingly popular, affordable way of protecting homes and outdoor areas.

Crime Prevention System

NTELS developed an IoT-based crime prevention system. The system allows the Ministry of Justice to establish crime prediction models based.

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