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Digital Signage

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NTELS Digital Signage is a cloud-based, IoT-enabled information display solution that provides converged media services. Depending on the location and purpose of displays, you can deliver attractive, informative content and create interactive digital experiences with less clutter.
Working as an IoT-enabled, context-aware marketing channel and intelligent adverting tool, the solution can help you add value to your value chain.
Digital Signage
Anywhere, Anytime, Anybody
With our cloud-based digital signage solution, anybody can create and distribute dynamic, interactive content wirelessly virtually anywhere, anytime.
Context-Aware Marketing
Cost-effective, powerful marketing capabilities, including automatic, context-aware content playback on multiple displays based on a variety of internal and external variables.
Versatile and Multi-Purpose
Digital signage displays can be installed in different locations with different purposes, for example, building information display for building tenants, hospital information display, advertising display in public places, such as train and subway stations.

Key Functions

Content Authoring

  • Web-based authoring tool for small businesses
  • Support for various multimedia resources
  • Intuitive UI to make design easy on the canvas screen
  • One-click object (multimedia file) creation and its property control
  • Animation creation in timelines of each object

Display Monitoring

  • Content playback status and error monitoring
  • Generation of content execution statistics
  • Content management with different authorization levels








Display Scheduling

  • Simultaneous playback of the same content on multiple displays
  • Integrated scheduling for each of displays and a group of displays
  • Recurring schedule setup on a daily and weekly basis
  • Content transition effect setup
  • Automatic playback of specific content based on weather information

Easy-to-Install Set-Top Box

  • No wiring work and network access required, using LTE wireless communications
  • Interoperable with any Android set-top box
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