We have the agility to rapidly embrace the paradigm shift of convergence with the vision to improve customer experience.
With our extensive capabilities in the era of ICT convergence and hyper-connectivity, we deliver innovative converged solutions and services across verticals that can help accelerate convergence of IT and traditional industries, such as manufacturing and energy.


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NTELS with the vision of realizing “Creative Convergence” provides integrated converged solutions that help our customers realize business opportunities driven by innovative technologies, such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data analytics and Industry 4.0.
Positioned as a Solution Leader in Telecommunications
Since established in 2000, we have been leading the domestic market of OSS/BSS, core network and technical consulting across various sectors for a decade, including telecommunications, media, and public. For our innovation and technical excellence, we are nationally recognized as the top service provider.

2000Established the Company

Expanded Business into New Areas as a Converged Service Provider
Riding the ICT convergence wave, we aim to provide convergence services, leveraging our talented resources and expertise in telecommunications. With enablers of convergence, we have been expanding our business into new areas, including the Internet of Things and Smart City.

2007Listed on KOSDAQ

Driving Convergence of IoT and Energy/Manufacturing Industries
With our experience gained in global markets, we have been delivering transformative services and solutions that help leverage the power of the Internet of Things and convergence of different technologies as well as industries.

2018Sustainable sales growth, rising almost fifty-fold in the last 15 years

Technical Excellence
Our technical excellence in the areas of Internet of Things, CRM & billing and smart network & 5G has been recognized with prestigious certifications, and numerous awards. With solid practices and internal processes that comply with international standards, we offer innovative products and solutions that can respond flexibly to customers’ needs.
Creative Thinking
To help our customers adapt to rapidly advancing technology and fierce competition and diversify their business, we focus on developing and offering creative service platforms. We also actively facilitate the commercialization of innovative ideas and technologies developed by technical and service planning resources.
Global Experience
We work closely and collaborate with a wide range of partners including leading global companies such as SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics, and HP to create global business opportunities. We are capable of meeting needs of global service providers based on numerous references that we have built at home and overseas.
Fact Sheet
NAME NTELS Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 069410)
FOUNDED July 19, 2000
ADDRESS Geumha Bldg. 8th Floor, Hakdong-ro 401, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
BUSINESS 5G Network, Billing & Business Support, and IoT Business Solutions
Awards & Recognition
We have been recognized for our excellence and expertise through a number of patents, awards and official certificates
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