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IoT Platform

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NTELS IoT Platform is a carrier-class end-to-end open platform that enables you to bring IoT services to the market faster, drive productivity higher and advance IoT business models further.
The solution has a modular structure of Thing Platform, Data Platform and Service Platform so that they can be easily customized and expanded to meet business needs. It offers flexible, dynamic service configuration according to your business scale and legacy configuration.
IoT Platform
Resource Savings and Fast Time-to-Market
No overlapping development and fast time-to-market while securing the service quality by providing functions commonly applied to any industry.
Guaranteed Interoperability
Easy to make the platform interoperable with different devices and services and to expand it as business requirements grow.
Highly Flexible with Modular Structure
As needed, this modular platform can be applied as a whole or modularly, which makes it flexible to respond to ever-changing customer and market requirements.
Applicable to Many Verticals
Complaint to oneM2M so that the platform can be used in any vertical, including automobile, healthcare, home appliance and power, without additional development or modification.

Key Functions

Device Management

  • Gateway interface for device connection
  • Device status and information monitoring in real time
  • Remote device control and management

Data Processing and Analytics

  • Big data collection and processing
  • Gaining business insight through big data analysis
  • Advanced service offerings with algorithm package

Service Enablement Tools

  • Easy to launch IoT services with APIs
  • Complex scenario and event processing with the rule engine
  • Efficient service operation using system monitoring and service portal

“T view sense” Home Surveillance

Based on our IoT platform, we have been providing IP camera-based CCTV services for home surveillance, which have became an increasingly popular, affordable way of protecting homes and outdoor areas.

M2M Connected Service System

We implemented an integrated M2M service operations system for product & customer management, charging, billing, and invoicing. With rule-based…

Crime Prevention System

NTELS developed an IoT-based crime prevention system. The system allows the Ministry of Justice to establish crime prediction models based.

U-Care System for Seniors Living Alone

For the Ministry of Health and Welfare, we implemented a 24/7 monitoring and reporting system for seniors living alone. The system provides social service departments and…

Healthcare System

For major medical institutions, we implemented a medical data transmission system that allows doctors and healthcare providers to provide medical and health related data to patients, including disease and medical treatment history.

Home Care Service in Jeju Test Bed

For a test bed in Jeju City, we implemented Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system that sends data for the energy generated by sunlight to the push server through our Open M2M Platform (OMP).

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