Industrial asset, safety and environmental risk management solution

Industrial Safety

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NTELS Industrial Safety is an intelligent industrial safety management solution that minimizes safety risks for workers and asset loss by tracking their location and movement in industrial facilities in real time.
Deployed as an IoT-enabled platform, it provides a comprehensive monitoring and reporting service for industrial facilities. The solution can be used to create a variety of services by leveraging advanced technologies, for example, indoor positioning technology with smart tags and smart APs.
Industrial Safety
Possible to Predict Accidents
As an industrial safety management platform, the solution collects and analyzes data from smart APs optimized for industrial facilities and legacy systems and predicts industrial accidents in real time.
Applicable to Various Industries
Along with BLE-enabled smart tags and APs, the solution can be used in various industries for unauthorized access detection, accident prediction, movable asset tracking and productivity management.

Key Functions

Real-Time Smart Tag Counting

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of the number of workers with smart tag
  • Monitoring of the location and movement of workers with smart tag within an industrial facility
  • Monitoring of evacuation and rescue work status in case of a fire or emergency

Real-Time Asset Management

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of industrial assets
  • Monitoring of the location and movement of movable assets

Environmental Safety Management

  • Data collection from smart sensors to prevent safety risks in an industrial environment
  • Monitoring of environmental risk factors using data sensors (O2, CO, vibration, temperature and humidity)
  • Alarm generation when environmental risks are detected

Unauthorized Access Control

  • Management of industrial sites, and specific locations such as buildings, floors, and rooms
  • Warning and alarm generation when unauthorized access is detected by smart tag

SK hynix Smart Tag Service

We implemented an IoT-based industrial safety system that enables quick response to emergency to increase personnel and asset safety.

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