Converged billing and customer care solution for IoT services

IoT Business Support System

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NTELS IoT BSS is a best-of-breed billing and customer care solution that enables you to create new revenue sources from IoT services. It consists of Self-Care Portal, Admin Portal, Billing System, IoT Application Server and Provisioning Gateway. With this integrated solution accommodating various charging models, you can create pricing plans for value-added services that generate value for customers.
IoT Business Support System
Customer-Oriented Self-Care Services
Self-Care Portal allows customer to register their devices and view device location, charges and bill in real time.
Fast Pricing Plan Creation & Accurate Billing
The rule engine allows fast creation of pricing plans for new services and accurate charge calculation & billing with minimized errors.
Shortened Billing Cycles
By adopting flexible billing infrastructure and optimizing the operating environment, billing cycles are shortened.

M2M Connected Service System

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