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Smart Healthcare

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NTELS Smart Healthcare solutions provide both patients and healthcare providers with interactive and customized healthcare services—from online access to medical records to disease diagnosis and treatmentusing ICT technologies. By interfacing with hospital systems, our Smart Healthcare solutions enable to view medical records, waiting list for hospital appointment, appointment scheduling and medication information on mobile devices. These solutions can be used in a wide range of areas: medical examination result view, location-based hospital assessment information, health management & self-diagnosis, hospital directory and online patient consent.
IoT Platform
International Standard Compliant IoT Platform
Ensures standard compliance using an oneM2M-based global resource tree and interoperates with third-party platforms and devices
Support for Standard Compliant Medical Devices & Documents
Uses the ISO 11073 protocol for transporting recorded data of medical products and HL7 CDA documents
DIY Custom Mash-up Service
Collects and analyzes data according to custom rules and shares the rules for devices and users
Analysis and Statistics based on Big Data
Analyzes and processes data in real time based on the rule engine and performs predictive, multi-dimensional and formal/informal analysis Generates comprehensive statistics by analyzing measured data and medical records

Key Functions

Platform Service

Platform Service

  • Open APIs
  • Communication and data processing
  • Device, data, group management
  • Resource search and notification
  • Application/service layer management
  • Security and error management
  • Location and service charge information
Portal Service

Portal Service

  • Device, app, firmware management and trace
  • Rule setting & share, SNS link
  • Open API testing
  • Service priority setting
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Statistics and reports
Mobile Service

Mobile Service

  • Interfacing with hospital systems
  • Location-based hospital assessment information
  • Emergency communication & medical consultation service
  • Personal health data management

Healthcare System

For major medical institutions, we implemented a medical data transmission system that allows doctors and healthcare providers to provide medical and health related data to patients, including disease and medical treatment history.

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