[NEWS] nTels Receives US Patent for Packet Transmission Control and Charging Data Generation System

nTels Co., LTD. announced yesterday the receipt of US patent for an invention titled “Method and apparatus for controlling packet transmission and generating packet billing data on wired and wireless network.”

The patent is for a system that analyzes traffic of wired and wireless network subscribers and supports packet transmission control and charging functions. In contrast with conventional traffic control and charging technologies, nTels developed system enables to perform traffic control and charging at the same time by installing the system on network of service providers. Accordingly, it ensures greater performance and availability.

The system was designed to be installed on both wired and wireless service network, such as W-CDMA, WiMAX, and IMS. With this system design, nTels expects to support customers in different business areas where traffic control, usage-based charging, or service-based charging is required.

“The system allows controlling various network services with greater performance and availability. We consider this patent as a new opportunity to enhance our business competitiveness in the global market, including the U.S. market,” said a staff of nTels.