[NEWS] nTels Acquires the Patent for Two-way Broadcast Return System

nTels (www.ntels.com) has acquired the patent for a two-way broadcast return system on February 6.

The nTels’ invented broadcast system supports broadcasting audiences to directly participate in on-air broadcast programs. The system enables to collect the audiences’ data as well. For two-way data broadcasting services, IPTV, digital satellite, and digital cable TV are included. Once the broadcast return system is adopted, audiences are able to participate in such data broadcasting programs while watching programs at home. Audiences can use various media such as mobile phones, wired phones, TV, and Internet to participate in programs in real-time.

One of the nTels staffs said, “Today, the market for wireless network based services and contents services are rapidly increasing. In this respect, implementing the two-way broadcast return system could be a great opportunity for many broadcasting service providers who are searching for new revenue streams.” Additionally, “The return channel service business is expected to be actively expanded for the broadcasting contents providers,” said nTels.

nTels provides OSS (Operations Support System) and professional services to telecommunications service providers. By acquiring the meaningful patent for the innovating broadcast return system, nTels is planning to broaden its business area to broadcasting and telecommunication convergence market.