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Your Digital Transformation

Selected and awarded ‘Year 2003 – Excellent IT Small and medium enterprises

In February 16 2004, ‘Year 2003 – Excellent IT Small and medium enterprises’ awards ceremony was held in the 16th floor of Korea Technology Center. The award stood for respectable IT small and medium enterprises of the year. The ceremony was sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communication and managed by the Promising Information & Communication Companies Association. Chang Gon Kim, Vice-Minister, awarded Kaonmedia the best prize and other 12 enterprises various different prizes.

< The best prize >
IT Equipments (Tools) Kaonmedia Wha Sub Lim

< The second best prize (H/W) >
Equipments Tamul Multimedia Yun Hong Jung

< The second best prize (S/W) >
Package S/W & Contents Com2us Ji Young Park

< The third best prize >
IT Equipments (Tools) Opentech Inc. Hee Soo Kim
Equipments Intops Co., Ltd. Jae Kyung Kim
System Piolink Inc. Hong Joo Moon
Application S/W Miracom INC Won In Back
Package S/W & Contents Hanbit Soft Young Man Kim
IT Technology/Service nTels Co., Ltd. Jae Hee Shim

< Special prize >
Equipments (Tools) RF Korea Keun Suh Park
Equipments (Tools) SSI Hyo Chul Yun
Application S/W MDS Korea Hyun Chul Kim
IT Technology/Service Mobilians Chang Yub Hwang


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