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Your Digital Transformation

[NEWS] nTels is pioneering the 21st century Internet service market

nTels, founded in July 2000, is a comprehensive business platform provider for various service subscription and launching applications, service operation, billing and customer relations, aimed at large carriers, wireless and wired Internet services and infrastructure providers.

nTels is focusing on securing dominance in foreign markets armed with superb know-how, products and technical strength developed and nurtured by its workforce led by Mr. Shim, CEO of the company. The professional staff has experience of working at many established carriers such as SKT, KT, Dacom and Hansol, engaged in the development of domestic electronic TDX.

◇ A combination of the strongest technology and know-how= nTels is emerging as the company armed with the nation’s best technology and know-how in OSS (Operations Support System), striding towards its ambitious business goals. And it already began supplying major carriers such as SK Telecom, (Former) SK Shinsegi and Saerom Technology with a wide range of products meeting next generation IP (Internet Protocol) service requirements such as VoIP, wireless portal, CDMA 2000 1x EvDo and W-CDMA 3C.

No wonder its huge potential based on technical strength began attracting investments from home and abroad.

Since 2001, it has attracted the investment worth 10 billion won in total from InterVest, a local investment firm, EDBI (Economic Development Board Investment), a Singaporean government investment agency and Intel Capital, a foreign strategic investment firm, in an aim to achieve its goals of technology development and expansion of overseas business.

nTels has also turned its eyes to foreign markets armed with capital and technology proved to be a success at home.

First nTels set its eyes on South East Asian carriers who have been eager to benchmark Korean wireless and wired Internet services and CDMA business models. It opened a local branch office in Singapore in November 2001, making it its foothold to carefully study the local market and to cash in on the opportunity. It is currently engaged in active sales promotions with local marketing and sales partners in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia as well as technical partners such as Cisco, HP and Samsung Electronics. Also, it is pushing for working level negotiations with wireless carriers in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. These all-out efforts to venture into foreign markets came to fruition in July when it struck a deal to export software worth more than US$ 1 million to an Indonesian firm, PT Telecom and a Taiwan firm, APBW.

◇ Ever increasing revenue= Raised awareness achieved by winning a series of orders at home and abroad sent its revenue to ever higher levels.

In 2000 immediately after its foundation, nTels reported 2.5 billion won in revenue and 500 million won in net profit. They jumped to 9.2 billion won and 1.5 billion won respectively in the following year. In 2002, it secured financial stability by posting 17.1 billion in revenue and 2.5 billion in net profit. It is determined to keep its momentum going by achieving 24 billion won in revenue and 4 billion won in net profit this year.

It also made its name at home and abroad by winning several awards and recognitions; it was selected as the promising small and mid sized telecom service provider by the MIC in 2001 and the world-class product by the MCIE in 2002; it was nominated as a finalist for 2 areas among the world’s 300 companies at Billing awards hosted by the U.S Telestrategies for two consecutive years, 2002 and 2003.

Updated date: 2003/08/13, Reporter, Joe Chang-won

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