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[NEWS] Billing system produced by nTels was named as the world-class product by the MCIE 2002-04-09

“Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MCIE) recognized the world-class products” nTels’ s billing system was named as the world-class product by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MCIE) announced that it would issue the certificates recognizing 100 items made by 95 companies as the world-class products. MCIE explained that it had selected these next generation world class products based on their price competitiveness and market potentials.

Among the 100 world-class products recognized by MCIE was the billing system developed by nTels.

Determined to keep its momentum going, nTels announced that it would make the best of world cup enthusiasm for marketing activities to boost its export by hosting a series of world-class products road shows in foreign markets including Shanghai, China (13th ~ 16th, May), London, Great Britain (21st~24th, May) and Paris, France (30th, May ~ 2nd, June). And furthermore, it is planning to host cultural events, an export and buying session, and an investment relation session.

Extra credits equivalent to 10% of total credits will be given to development projects of the world-class product manufacturers (certified companies) when the beneficiary companies are selected to be sponsored by the government’s industrial technology development initiative this year.

Furthermore, the world-class product manufacturer (certified companies) is entitled to the financial support up to 10 million won when the company participates in a specialized trade show held overseas.

Small and mid sized companies will be supported 70% of direct expenditure and 50~100% of airfares and accommodation fees while large conglomerates 50% of the total direct expenditure.

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