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[NEWS] nTels’ technical strength is recognized even in overseas markets

nTels, the prominent IP OSS and billing solution provider, comes on the top in Korean market in terms of the technical strength.

Local billing solution industry is crowded with SI or component software developers, CTI operators, e-payment solution providers and NI providers. However, there are few providers armed with comprehensive billing solutions.

Operation Support System (OSS) is a must to provide the billing service as it forms the basis for the service solution; and OSS providers are numbered.
With the advent of a wide variety of handsets, communication protocols and discrete forms of data (voice, data and multimedia), there are few countries complete with solutions to integrate and operate them effectively other than Korea that boasts of the advanced mobile communication industry.
The number of mobile handsets is on the steady rise with their functions increasingly integrated.
In other words, a mobile phone has moved beyond the boundary of the existing mobile phone as new functions of the wireless Internet device have been added. Predictably customers increasingly demand the quick and quality service with integrated service of voice and data.

In the meantime, many carriers, who made a huge equipment investment to cash in on the internet boom last year, are struggling to find out ways to charge the services reasonably as well as to provide the new, powerful and efficiently integrated services.
And that is where OSS comes to meet the demand for a wider range of services, quicker consumer response and cost reduction by integrating the newer services.

nTels provides the comprehensive platforms for quality control and billing by using operation data and controlling switches and network equipment for communication service.
It started its operation at the end of last year, but its revenue as of the end of September hovered around whopping 10 billion won. nTels successfully attracted investment of total 4 billion won from Singapore’s EBDi (Economic Development Board) as well as from InterVest Co., Ltd. last May. On top of that, it received enthusiastic response from world-class investment firms at ‘Tech venture 2001 Forum’, which was held in Singapore in September. Still, it is inundated with investment related questions. Currently nTels is reviewing its strategies to expand its operations into foreign markets with Southeast Asian market as its first target. And it plans to cooperate closely with EDB, a Singaporean government agency, and InterVest Singapore branch office in pursuing its ambitious goals.
It is safe to say that nTels’s future prospects and potential markets are huge given that the number of handsets in markets are on the steady rise and other countries including U.S, Europe and Southeast Asian countries are still lagging behind Korea in terms of the development of the mobile communication service.

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