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Crime Prevention System

We developed an IoT-based crime prevention system as a pilot project. The system allows the Ministry of Justice to establish crime prediction models based..

MVNO System

We provided an integrated BSS package for product & customer management, charging and billing to meet the needs of a specific MVNO. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is also included for settlement between operators/distributors and sales network management..

HATA Settlement System

For Hyundai Autoever Telematics America (HATA), we implemented a settlement system based on our Partner Relationship Management (PRM). The system allows HATA to verify settlement data with Verizon (MNO) for HATA’s telematics service that uses Verizon’s mobile network.

Healthcare System

For major medical institutions, we implemented a medical data transmission system that allows doctors and healthcare providers to provide medical and health related data to patients, including disease and medical treatment history.

Charging System

As part of the LTE service implementation project, we implemented a charging system that receives charging data by interfacing with Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) and performs…

Home Care Service in Jeju Test Bed

For a test bed in Jeju City, we implemented Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system that sends data for the energy generated by sunlight to the push server through our Open M2M Platform (OMP).

Automotive Test System

For Korea Automotive Technology Institute, we implemented a real-time interactive automotive test system for remote vehicle control and diagnosis.

Smart Home Gateway

We implemented a smart home system that collects data from home devices (e.g., thermometer, scales, and treadmill), sends to our Open M2M Platform, and receives control command from the OMP to control the devices.


For SK Telecom’s Urban Utility Center (UCC), we implemented an integrated urban energy system that allows city residents to regularly and easily track how much electricity, gas, and water they use in real time, so they can actively participate in energy saving.

Open M2M Platform (OMP)

We implemented an open M2M platform including the Web-based M2M portal for system management and service operations. For operators, they can add/modify/delete customers through service management. For service providers, they can test their services before rollout by having the platform communicate with devices and the control center.

Location Tracking System for People on Probation

For the Ministry of Justice, we implemented a location tracking system that collects location data for sex offenders on probation in real time, monitors violations at the control center, and allows parole officers to take action against them.

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