Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Innovative supply chain and logistics management
to optimize the distribution process

Supply Chain Management

N-SCM is an integrated supply chain management system to manage the total flow of distribution channel from supplier to ultimate customer.
With N-SCM, leverage the ability to orchestrate the relationship across all points of contact that constitute a telecom supply chain, from distributors responsible for service sales to manufacturers responsible for supplying devices and accessories. For distributors, the system manages information for contracts with distributors, estimates the performance of distributors, and settles accounts payable and receivables to/from distributors based on the customer and billing data received from CRM and BRM. For manufacturers, the system manages information for manufacturers, their products, and logistics (including ordering, shipping, delivery, receipt, and issue).

Supply Chain Management


Flexible and Tiered Supply Chain Management

Flexible and Tiered Supply Chain Management

Scalable organization structure by dividing the supply chain into multiple tiers (distribution and logistics)
Rule-based Commission Calculation

Rule-based Commission Calculation

Rule-based commission calculation with a tiered-structure (factors, items, and policies)
Efficient Logistics Flow Management

Efficient Logistics Flow Management

Real-time tracking of goods from manufacturers and inventory management for efficient logistics management
Support for Integrated Rating Model

Support for Integrated Rating Model

Centralized, integrated management of products and services to provide consistent and accurate product information and support the integrated rating model
Risk Assessment and Prevention

Risk Assessment and Prevention

Financial performance assessment (credit and collateral) of distributors/dealers to prevent them from conducting illegal or improper practices

Key Functions

Supply Chain Management

  • Relationship across the supply chain
  • User permissions for each activity (e.g., login, activation, and termination)
  • Automated credit and collateral management

Commission Management

  • Rule-based commission amount calculation
  • Three-tiered structure consisting of factors, items, and policies
  • Rate management according to the charge category of commission
  • Component-based scalable structure on a basis of commission type

Improper Practice Management

  • Insights on preventing illegal or improper business practices
  • Risk management based on the contract status of supply chain, credit rating, etc.

Logistics Management

  • Separate management of manufacturers and suppliers
  • Product unit price, maker, and sales policy management
  • Accurate logistics and inventory status management
  • Efficient management of logistics lead time
  • Goods receipt and issue and inventory management

Account Balancing Management

  • Real-time accounts receivable and payable from/to distributors
  • Separate management of handsets receivable and accounts receivable
  • Accounting transfer and offset functions for accounts payable and payments
  • Commission payment management by communicating with ERP

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