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Fast, streamlined smart home service delivery
with Platform as a Service

Smart Home Solution

NTELS Smart Home Solution is a software platform for development and operation of smart home services. It provides communications service providers (CSPs), manufacturers, and start-ups with a platform they can use immediately to develop transformative business models while allowing them to easily manage connected devices and services at the network edge. Our open smart home ecosystem consists of Smart Home Platform that provides smart home services in a cloud environment and Smart Home App that allows users to control and monitor home devices connected to the platform.




Simple, easy-to-use interface for connecting home devices to AoT@Home, creating and running rules.

Robust & Secure

Robust & Secure

Encrypted communication to ensure secure data transmission and privacy.

Flexible & Scalable

Flexible & Scalable

Highly scalable, supporting a wide range of technologies, standards and smart home devices from various vendors.

Key Functions

Smart Home Platform

  • Our smart home cloud service platform is responsible for controlling and monitoring connected devices, collecting data from them, and enabling mashup of machine data.
  • The platform is proven to be scalable to support various connected devices available today and in the future and meet future business growth and service diversity.
  • Available as PaaS (platform as a service), it helps customers reduce ICT investment costs and achieve speed and flexibility in business applications.

Smart Home App

  • Our smart home service app is available on both Android and iOS devices as well as PC, tablet, smart TV, and set-up box.
  • The app can be easily rebranded and customized to fit the customer’s requirements.

Smart Home Interfaces

  • Cloud-to-Cloud / Cloud-to-Device / Cloud-to-Smart Home Hub

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