Smart Learning

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Develop and deliver custom learning content for
self-directed, self-motivated engagement

Smart Learning

NTELS Smart Learning consists of the platform that provides custom learning content and expert feedback, tablet applications (smart home, content store, learning tools, viewer), and smartphone applications (application store, viewer). Our solution allows you to develop and deliver custom learning content that encourages self-motivated learning and provide users with targeted learning services and media-rich learning materials.

Smart Learning Platform

Key Functions

  • Content provider management
  • SCORM-compliant content submission, approval, and DRM packaging
  • Various options for package creation and promotion
  • Alternative payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer, and carrier billing
  • Statistics reports for sales and settlement
  • Learning record analysis and assessment
  • User management (students and parents)
  • System administration (permission and menu management)
  • Integrated bulletin board management
  • Scalable interface to communicate with devices

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