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Provisioning management on network elements for
service activation, modification, and termination

Convergent Provisioning


N-Activator is a flexible provisioning system that receives messages regarding service activation/change/termination on a service provider’s network, validates the messages, performs provisioning by transmitting them to related network elements (NEs).
The system functions as a rule-based interface hub by integrating the information system and service system for seamless provisioning.



Rule-based Data Processing

Rule-based Data Processing

Pre-defined rule-based data processing so that data can be processed by adding/modifying the rules without changing the program source code.
Reliable and Trustable

Reliable and Trustable

Reliable system operation by providing process failure monitoring and backup & restore of database and packages
Adaptable to Evolution of Networks

Adaptable to Evolution of Networks

Highly adaptable as networks evolve over time by supporting for multiple protocols for various networks
Support for Various Formats

Support for Various Formats

Various formats of request messages for subscriber activation and termination  

Various Types of Request Messages

Various Types of Request Messages

Support for various request messages about creating a priority, schedule, and bulk project to efficiently manage order entries (OEs)
Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

Easy and fast operation through the Element Management System (EMS) with intuitive GUI

Key Functions



  • Receiving/transmitting order and activation messages from/to OE and NE systems
  • Support for multiple protocols, such as TCP/IP and SOAP

Order Management

  • Categorizing order messages received from OE into service types and generating as they are processed
  • Generating activation messages in a format suitable for the system that will receive the messages

Transaction Management

  • Preventing missing or duplicate order messages; processing order management
  • Retransmitting the previously sent order message upon NE request


Message Validation

  • Syntax and validation check for the order messages received based on the message standards and validation rules
  • Identification of information fields in a request-specific message

Message Routing

  • Rule-based determination of distribution route of the received order entries to specific NE
  • Generating message information based on the mapping rule per NE


  • Collecting customer information from the order messages received
  • Generating statistics


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