Product Lifecycle Management (PLMS)

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Modular and rule-based product lifecycle
management to enable fast time-to-market

Product Lifecycle Management

N-PLMS is a comprehensive product management system designed to deliver products to market faster by managing all the data for products, services, and rates in a consolidated manner. The system streamlines the product creation process with a rule-based modular structure while sending the product information to the related systems, including CRM, Rater, and BRM.
Work with N-PLMS, a collaborative solution that helps you reduce the time and cost and cope with the growing complexity of product development.

Product Lifecycle Management


Rule-based Engine

Rule-based Engine

Fast product development and modification is supported using rule-based product attributes to respond to ever-changing market demands
Modular Structure for Bundling

Modular Structure for Bundling

With a service-based modular structure, it is easy to develop a bundled product consisting of multiple services
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Easy-to-use Web-based GUI allows users to easily create, modify, and delete products, which makes operations simple and fast
Integrated Management

Integrated Management

Integrated product/service management makes it possible to provide organized, consistent product information and support convergent charging


Thanks to rule-based engine and modular structure for service bundling, product development and time-to-market can be accelerated


Reliable, independent product development environment is provided through the approval process without compromising the products being serviced

Key Functions

Service Management

  • Reference information for services and service relationship
  • Service factors, conditions, attributes, and types
  • Activation information

Product Management

  • Product-specific service and product relationship
  • Product development, approval, and transfer to operation environment

Operating Management

  • Service rewarding points
  • Promotional events
  • Device sales policy

Attribute & Factor Settings

  • Charge, billing, and sales items; relationship setting between items
  • Information for usage-based charge

Rate Management

  • Charge item factors, attributes, and conditions
  • Discount item factors/attributes/conditions, rating item for discount, accumulated discount, discount period, and exclusive relationship in discount
  • Allowance, deduction, charge, and discount rate

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