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Robust device control and fast response
to requests for enhancements and new services

Integration Service Embedded Platform

NTELS Integration Service Embedded (ISE) is a remote monitoring gateway for M2M/IoT devices, including medical equipments (thermometer, blood glucose meter, scales), home appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, TV), communication devices (smartphone, PC). N-ISE can be accessed on any device, which enables fast time-to-market and cost-effective operations. In addition, it provides software development kit (SDK) for API development and supports various backend systems (e.g., PC and mobile device).

M2M/IoT Gateway


Fast Time-to-Market for New Services

Fast Time-to-Market for New Services

  • Support for various protocols and services
  • Remote deployment in real-time
Web-based SDK for Third-Party and General Developers

Web-based SDK for Third-Party and General Developers

  • Operation of the developer center
  • Development of standardized APIs
  • Support for simulator in various forms
  • Easy plug-in of the platform API
Remote Control of Service and Application (TR-069/TR-157)

Remote Control of Service and Application (TR-069/TR-157)

  • Lifecycle management of service and application (OSGi-based)
  • Home network connection (Zigbee, UPnP (DNLA), Bluetooth)
  • Real-time remote installation, update, removal, configuration, monitoring and diagnosis
  • Lifecycle management of platform, application, and service
  • Flexible remote access functions: Java, JCA, JMS, Web service (SOAP, REST), JSON-RPC
  • Optimized for porting to various JVM and OS, such as Linux and Android
  • Various Web-based interface
  • Including Web server and Web framework
  • Robust and reliable runtime / sophisticated resource management
  • Update and restart management program
Various Service Offerings and Management

Various Service Offerings and Management

  • Additional management protocol, extension of business logic, user interface implementation
  • Management of backend systems, monitoring and software provisioning system
  • Remote access to the application server for applications and gateway devices
  • End-to-end security (user authorization and permission grant, network communication, and certificate management)

Key Functions

Data Collection, Standardization, and Transmission

  • Collecting data from various devices
  • Analyzing, optimizing, and standardizing the collected data
  • Storing standardized data in the collection server
  • Transporting the collected data to backend systems (PC, mobile app)

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • XML-based program source code generation
  • Web-based SDK for flexibility in time and space
  • Authentication, validation, conformance test, deployment/interface
  • Simulator (Device UART, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, and UDP)

Remote Device Management

  • Device list and device detail management
  • Automatic software update
  • Diagnosis of device hardware and software
  • Display of data collected from devices in chart and text
  • Automatic/manual device control according to monitoring result
  • Sending alerts depending on the monitoring result

Security Management

  • User authorization and permission grant
  • Network communication management
  • Certificate management

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