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Intelligent signage solution for next generation content
management in an innovative business environment

Digital Signage


Add value to your digital marketing efforts with NTELS Digital Signage Solution.
It is a powerful, flexible signage solution based on context aware technology. The solution allows you to deliver/control your content and monitor remote displays while obtaining consumers’ opt-in consent to collect identifiable information. As a comprehensive signage solution, it also makes you easier to keep track of campaign performance. For your consumers, it enables them to opt-in and receive customized ads and offers while viewing and interacting with the signage content.
Smart Signage

DS Designer

  • Content authoring environment
  • Windows-based application
  • Support for text, audio, video, HTML, flash, RSS, streaming content
  • Layered structure
  • Dynamic content templets

DS Player

  • Content playing software installed on the set-top box connected to a display device
  • Support for various displays like kiosk, LCD, LED, and media façade
  • Set-top box monitoring and firmware update

DS Management System

  • Web-based, multi-tenant, integrated management environment
  • Managing content, devices, BPs, and statistics and interfacing with other systems to receive information
  • Various scheduling methods
  • Layered user hierarchy

DS DS & ES (Optional)

  • SS Distribution Server (DS): Customer-specific content distribution server
  • SS Execution Server (ES): Deployment thread on a signage unit basis
  • Load-balancing structure





Effective Advertising and Various Marketing Channels

Cloud-based Media Platform

No separate server needed to keep up with changing customer needs and Cloud-based, centralized device & content management

Comprehensive Solution for Advertising Ecosystem

Intelligent Platform

­Interactive communications with customers for personalized marketing and promotion impact analysis to develop marketing strategies

Support for Various Media Formats

Simple, Affordable Platform for Marketing

­Support for various types of content creation using Web-based authoring toolsand constantly updated content display without printing costs

Key Functions


  • Various business models: sale, rental, and application service provider (ASP)
  • Various service models: out-of-home (OOH), indoor display, kiosk, moving advertising
  • Various display devices: LCD, LED, kiosk, and media façade
  • Cost-effective scalability based on load balancing with open source technology


  • Stable operations with remote device management technology
  • Android-based set-top box
  • State-of-the-art media devices such as UHD/transparent LCD displays, video walls, glass-free 3D displays, and 3D projectors
  • Additional functions such as messaging, payment, user information collection, and context awareness


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