Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Integrated customer relationship and communications
management to deliver a quality customer experience

Customer Relationship Management

N-CRM provides efficient and extensive customer management services for corporate customers in B2B sector and individual customers in B2C sector. The system enables dynamic bundling of contracts based on customer needs and holistically manages customer communications, which will ultimately improve the performance of marketing and sales.
Customer Relationship Management


Independent, Flexible Use of Information

Independent, Flexible Use of Information

Account information can be integrated or divided easily while customer information can be used independently to expand service offerings

Tiered Structure

Tiered Structure

A bundled contract consisting of multiple products and services can be created thanks to a three-tier structure (contract, product, and service)

Order Automation

Order Automation

With rule-based order management, various automated ordering process can be configured with different options based on the information received from PLMS

Customer Care in B2BC

Customer Care in B2BC

With an integrated customer care view, receiving, assigning, and processing customer inquires can be done fast and efficiently

Activation Management in B2BC

Activation Management in B2BC

Various types of order activation are supported, including line-based activation, simple activation in B2C sector, and provisioning for instant activation

Key Functions

Customer Information Management

  • Individual and corporate customer profile
  • Service provider information
  • Customer group and level
  • Payment account information

Resource Management for MNO

  • Resource generation and statistics
  • Special and regular phone numbers
  • Device, SIM, and waiting period before recycling phone numbers

Order Management

  • Rule-based management of order entries
  • Contract status and history
  • New subscription, termination, suspension, release from suspension
  • Activation and change of ownership/device/phone number (for MNO)

Number Portability Management for MNO

  • Receiving requests for number portability
  • Processing requests for number portability
  • Statistics on number portability

Customer Inquiry Management

  • Basic, contract, billing, and charge information for integrated customer support
  • Receiving and processing customer inquiries per customer and contract
  • Customer inquiry transfer, assignment, and processing result

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