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Rule-based integrated billing for fast and accurate
charge calculation, billing, and collection

Billing & Revenue Management

N-Billing is a single, convergent billing solution designed for CSPs, such as mobile network operators, cable system operators and VoIP providers. The solution provides accurate charge calculation and flexible billing capabilities, which help cut operating costs by minimizing required resources.
With a rule-based engine, it allows CSPs to quickly roll out new charging models, which is critical in increasing revenue and improving QoS. It also provide functions, such as Hot Billing and charge calculation simulation.



Rule-based Engine

Rule-based Engine

Based on the rules defined in the Product Lifecycle Management System (PLMS), fast and simple implementation of new pricing models without modification of the application code

Component-based Design

Component-based Design

Built on a component-based architecture, it assures complete scalability and reusability in developing and offering services
Various Interfaces

Various Interfaces

Support for various interfaces to communicate with external systems (e.g., ERP and financial agency)
Hot Billing

Hot Billing

Calculating the cost of services being consumed by customer up to the termination or deactivation date by collecting and processing charge data in real time


Contract charging and invoicing can be re-performed for specific customers to respond to exceptions/customer requests and validate billing data in advance
Simulation of Pricing Plans

Simulation of Pricing Plans

Simulating a pricing plan of a specific customer for a specific month and analyzing the impact of new pricing plans in advance

Key Functions

Charge Calculation

  • Collection of product and customer information
  • Collection of usage-based charge data from the rating system
  • Calculation of onetime and recurring charges and application of discount
  • Adjustment of charges prior to invoicing
  • Simulation of pricing plans


  • Management of criteria for bills in arrears
  • Generation of details of unpaid bills
  • Management of delinquent accounts and debts
  • Dunning process: reminder, writing off bad debts, recovery via collection agencies


  • Receiving charge details from the charge calculation process
  • Calculation of late penalty and VAT
  • Discount and adjustment depending on payment channel and bill media
  • Hot billing and reprocessing
  • Management of notifications and generation/re-generation of invoices
  • Sending invoices, outsourcing accounts receivable services, and providing sales data

Accounts Receivable

  • Receipt of bill payment from financial agencies (e.g., bank and credit card company)
  • Cancellation of bill payments, refund of overpayment or processing as advance payment

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