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Is your billing solution flexible and scalable enough to handle varying requirements in evolving converged networks? We help communications service providers (CSPs) determine an ideal convergent billing solution to keep abreast of the ever changing ICT landscape. With our billing solution, CSPs will be able to respond fast to market changes, bring new complex service offerings to market, gain actionable insight on big data, and reduce operating costs across any network and any device.
Maximized Profitability

Maximized Profitability

Improve operational efficiency and cut revenue leakage by minimizing the number of call detail record (CDR) errors through proactive error detection and correction. Our billing solution will eliminate unnecessary expenditures caused by errors in transmitted data, which is directly related to revenue growth.
Fast Response to Market Changes

Fast Response to Market Changes

To provide high quality services and introduce new products and business models as fast as possible, you need to quickly respond to changes and address current issues in networking technology. We help you tackle with challenges of soaring traffic and limited network capacity and make it easy to integrate with legacy systems.
Integrated, Convergent Service Offerings

Integrated, Convergent Service Offerings

From gaming services of online service providers to enterprise business infrastructure, our billing solution can help to develop a variety of business models that can be turned into opportunities for commercial success.
Customizable for MVNOs and M2M Service Providers

Customizable for MVNOs and M2M Service Providers

With the growing popularity of MVNO and IoT/M2M services as businesses recognize the competitive advantages these services can provide, it is important for CSPs to create a sustainable, differentiated business model. Our billing solution can be tightly integrated and highly customizable for each operator/service provider’s unique business model needs, helping them monetize new business models.
Highly Flexible and Powerful
Using a rule-based engine, NTELS billing solution offers features and functionalities you should look for in an ideal convergent billing solution: data collection, charging, accounts receivable management, invoicing, and settlement.
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