NTELS Undertakes EV Charging Infrastructure Platform Project for KEPRI

NTELS announced on September 6 that it has formed a consortium with two other companies, Clean Environment Technology and Contela, to develop the prototype of a standard-compliant open electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure platform for Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI), which is estimated to be a 5.4 billion KRW project.

The project includes the development of EV infrastructure platform, the universal gateway for EV charging and standard-based service package. The platform will have the flexibility to meet business needs and help businesses build EV charging infrastructure, from asset (charger) management to billing and settlement, using standard-compliant APIs.

By undertaking this project, the company aims to develop an integrated electric vehicle platform that enables businesses to expand their services based on global standards. The platform is expected to efficiently operate and manage EV chargers nationwide.
In addition, the company expects to play a leading role in the electric vehicle industry, which is a major part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by adopting new business needs of that industry.