[NEWS] NTELS Unveiled IoT Cloud Service for Small Businesses and Startups

[NEWS] NTELS Unveiled IoT Cloud Service for Small Businesses and Startups

NTELS Co., Ltd. (CEO JaeHee Shim) unveiled ALL of THINGS (AoT, http://www.allofthings.com), an IoT cloud service at IoT Korea 2014 held at COEX in Seoul from November 5 to 7.

NTELS showcased smart home use cases that can be realized by AoT and offered demonstrations for visitors to have a hands-on experience of smart home.
With AoT, end-users can create their own home automation scenarios that reflect their personalities and lifestyle and add personal context to situations. By overcoming the limitations of existing smart home services, AoT enables end-users to customize their home automation preferences.


NTELS AoT is designed for small businesses, startups, and smart home appliance manufacturers, so they can develop IoT-enabled devices easily, fast, and cost-effectively and provide IoT services within a stable and secure cloud-based environment.
In addition, AoT provides unique features compared to other IoT cloud services: data collection from sensors at specified intervals, real-time device monitoring, and control of multiple actuators at the same time.

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NTELS has signed a partnership agreement with Commax, a leading home automation company in the domestic market. The company has also acquired a wide range of partners to enter various IoT markets (horizontal and vertical).
An NTELS official said, “With our proprietary IoT platform, we are striving to increase people’s awareness of the IoT’s potential, expand the market by collaborating with leading domestic suppliers like Commax, and eventually enter foreign markets with local and overseas partners.”