[NEWS] nTels achieves GS Certificate for Smart Convergence Billing

[NEWS] nTels achieves GS Certificate for Smart Convergence Billing

nTels announced the achievement of GS (Good Software) Certificate for its ‘Smart Convergence Billing 1.0’ on March 16.

GS Certificate is a government authorized certificate, granted from Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), to increase the quality of Korean software. TTA grants this certificate to a company after thorough inspections such as software functions, reliability, standardization, etc.

The ‘Smart Convergence Billing 1.0’ is a billing system for various services such as communication, broadcast, energy utility, etc. The system manages charge calculation, billing, payment, and nonpayment based on the rate information managed by Rule in product management system.

By performing such various functions as above, ‘Smart Convergence Billing 1.0’ system provides charge discounts, tax calculation, late payments fee calculation, billing result in statistics, and many other billing features as well.

Achievement of this GS Certificate approves how advanced technology nTels’ billing system has.
This GS Certificate officially approves how advanced nTels’ billing system is. Therefore, nTels is expecting higher reliability from its current and potential customers and partners.