[NEWS] nTels Delivers IMS Charging Gateway System to Malaysian WiMax Operator, YTL

nTels, the leading provider of B/OSS solutions, today announced that nTels would deliver IMS charging gateway system to Malaysian WiMax operator, YTL through Samsung Electronics.

IMS (Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem) is a new network abstraction layer on a 3GPP standard. It is intended to enable the access of multimedia and voice applications across wired and wireless networks. nTels IMS charging gateway system enables the service provider to collect and mediate charging data from IMS core and sub-systems so that it can interconnect billing data for other internal billing systems.

In 2010, YTL aims to offer an all-IP convergent mobile internet service including high-speed data, messaging and voice throughout Malay peninsula.

This case is the first time to deploy charging solution over the WiMax network with IMS services in the world. nTels’ solution will be supporting a truly convergent mediation system across all types of services (voice-data-content) and accommodate to the changes in new generation networks IMS brings.