[NEWS] nTels, Branches into Saas Business

nTels Co., Ltd. signed a contract to cooperate with Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency in SW Common Service Implementation Business. This business is to construct infrastructure service—a base for the web-based software service—as an open platform system. The service will take a certain testing period before commercialized as SaaS infrastructure.

This business includes a future plan to operate SaaS common and distribution infrastructure, which implemented rule-based BPM, open API, and virtualization technology, etc. According to this, IT business operators may reduce costs for implementing required infrastructure and more easily get into the SaaS business.

During the testing period, the members of Quality Enhancement Team will test and operate IT services in various areas, including ERP, OCS, and ITSM, based on this infrastructure. Accordingly, many analysts expect that the service customization problem of B2B ASP system, causing lack of flexibility and security, will be enhanced.

“We are seeking for ways to improve the SaaS infrastructure service into ‘SaaS based App Store’ by applying the technologies of current communication solution business such as charging/settlement/payment, CRM, and digital content management process,” said the Consulting Business Division Director of nTels.

He also said that this project may change the software business structure in Korea to flow more flexibly. His point of view is based on its reasonable role distribution. The application developers may put every effort to develop software while App Store operators take whole responsibility on the services for on-demand software market place (ex. SaaS infra structure operation, marketing service). “Ideally, application users may benefit from the fair pricing plan that they pay for actual usage only,” he added.