[NEWS] nTels To Provide IP Billing System For World’s First Mobile WiMAX Service

nTels, Seoul-based OSS provider, announced that the company’s IP Billing Suite was selected as the billing system for KT WiBro, world’s first mobile WiMAX service to be launched in June 2006.

KT WiBro service will target young generation wanting internet access on the go. By definition WiBro, or Wireless Broadband, is to provide a wider coverage than WiFi and higher mobility than static WiMAX, at a lower cost than WCDMA – that is, users can enjoy seamless, affordable internet access while traveling at 60km/hr.

As WiBro was highly publicized well ahead of the beginning stage of its development, competition among OSS vendors was also a tight one. Mr. Wesley Kim, global business consultant at nTels, explains: “KT had nearly 50 names on their potential OSS vendor list, including major players from European industry and some Asian vendors who offered very competitive, unbeatable pricing.”

As for KT’s decision to award the contract to nTels, Mr. Kim says, “KT needed more than a solution vendor – they needed a consultant and partner with the capability to pull through this unprecedented development project. Since timing was most critical for this project, they decided nTels’ proven track record in Asian-Pacific market would weigh in for their success.”

Mr. Kim believes KT’s decision was a right one. KT is expecting a remarkable market posts growth with WiBro service, and nTels IP Billing Suite will play a critical role in KT’s market penetration and revenue generation.

Established in 2002, nTels has provided billing mediation and rating solutions to most prominent telecommunications operators in Asian-Pacific and US markets. Their client list includes names like SK Telecom, PT Telkom, and Earthlink.