[NEWS] nTels unveiled its M2M Solution

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication includes remote control of machines (telematics) and monitoring/collecting data from machines (telemetry). From a mobile perspective, the coverage can be defined as communication between a machine and a mobile terminal (machine-to-mobile and mobile-to-machine) or a machine and a back-end information system (machine-to-machine). M2M is acclaimed as enabling technology for sensor connection in a ubiquitous society where universal access to applications and services will be realized.

Ever since the market was formed around 200 thousand subscriptions, the expansion has been remarkable with more than 30% of increase each year. Any kind of vertical applications can be merged into M2M demands, including smart home for wireless residential security and control systems, health care for the elderly and risk patients, environmental monitoring for surface water and groundwater control, flood forecast, dam control, and sewage monitoring, various maintenance for controlling and monitoring status of machines, and telematics for fleet management for flexible operations and routing.

To proactively be prepared for the evolution, nTels provided its M2M system to the most advanced telecommunication operator in the globe, SK telecom.

nTels M2M solution provides remote management functions for telemetry terminal status, which previously took considerable time and efforts in operating and maintaining the service system entities, such as modems and sensors. By adopting the solution, SK telecom expects to drastically improve quality while reducing customer complaints in a short period. In the long run, the solution will move forward to versatile M2M service platform to embrace future evolution of M2M.