[NEWS] nTels undertook Mediation expansion for PTTelkom, Indonesia

With successful supply of mediation, pre-paid, and packet charging solutions in 2004, nTels marked another footprint with its N-Mediator, N-PPS, and N-PPG for PTTelkom, Indonesia.

As the number one operator in wired communication in Indonesia, PTTelkom was trying to penetrate into wireless telecommunication sector while getting the most of its existing wired infrastructure.

nTels solution proved to outperform other competitors who already held substantial percentages in the global market.

It took less than one year for PTTelkom to witness subscriber increase as well as service expansion to decide expansion of its mediation system in 2005. During the same period from the system launch nTels has proved performance, extensibility, and user-friendly interface, all of which are expected to characterize the future system.