[NEWS] nTels was nominated for 2 areas of “Billing World 2002 Excellence Awards”

Billing World 2002 organizing committee has announced the final list of nominees for Billing World 2002 Excellence Awards on May 7th (Local time). Among them, nTels was nominated as a finalist for Mediation and Innovation Achievements. Total 8 awards will be awarded.

Billing World 2002 Excellence awards is one of the most influential international awards attended by billing solution providers worldwide. And the jurors comprised of industry experts, mostly company executives, named nTels as one of the billing solution providers making substantial contributions to the industry. Other nominees include Narus, Telution, Ace-Comm and Xacct Technologies.

The announcement came as nTels has been strategically pursuing its expansion into foreign markets. Its recent efforts to introduce its know-how and technical strength developed in Korea, one of the most advanced telecommunication market, to foreign markets has led to the results. The billing solutions provided so far by nTels to domestic mobile carriers are being praised as the breakthrough even in foreign markets. What’s more, it is well positioned to grow into one of major billing solution providers in the Asia Pacific market, attracting increasing attention from foreign competitors.

nTels, which is currently pushing for expansion into South East Asian market including Singapore, China, Malaysia and Indonesia has now its technical superiority approved by the industry experts. Therefore, raised awareness and credibility in the international market is expected to help the company venture into foreign markets.

**Biling World 2002
It is the most premier conference/exhibition attended by most of prominent wireless carriers and billing solution providers worldwide. The conference this year was held for 3 days between June 18th and 21st at Baltimore in the U.S. As the participant in the show, nTels will showcase its IP mediation, IP rating and 3G charging gateway solutions.