[NEWS] HP Korea decides to cooperate with nTels

HP Korea (CEO, Choi Joon-keun) announced on October 5th that it formed a strategic alliance agreement with nTels (CEO, Shim Jae-hee, http://www.ntels.com), a IP based solution provider to cooperate in the IP billing and service management solution business.
With this agreement, HP Korea’s Consulting Business Division will provide its know-how on several areas including next generation network deployment, consulting service, SIU solution and system project management. And in return, nTels will offer its know-how on IP network solutions including IS95A/B/C, WAP gateway and application servers.

The agreement is expected to set the stage for two companies to breathe new energy into the IP network & IMT 2000 billing and service management solution market as well as to cooperate in their attempts to venture into foreign communication markets.

Reporter Park Seung-jung, The Electronic Times Internet, sjpark@etnews.co.kr